Our Team

  • Darwin Abella

    Darwin Abella

    VP of IT Operations
    Prior to Noodle, Darwin was the Director of Network and Telecommunications Operations for The Princeton Review. He managed and supported day-to-day data and voice services. He is a creative problem-solver with a strong interest in new technologies and approaches that are both customer and business focused.
  • Rob Aronson

    Rob Aronson

    Rob has been building successful partnerships within the student and education market his entire career. His passion for the marketplace and deep relationships have helped companies such as Student Advantage, TheU.com, Monster, CollegeClickTV and MyYearbook.com establish positions of brand dominance. He'll be working with the team to bring publisher partners and both educational and brand marketers into the Noodle network.
  • Alex Bargman

    Alex Bargmann

    Product Manager
    Alex studied history, economics, and philosophy at Claremont McKenna College before joining Noodle. Find him on Twitter: @abargmann.
  • Juan Becerra

    Juan Becerra

    Regional Sales Manager
    Juan has a globally diverse career, developed over the last 14 years in companies like AOL in Germany and Microsoft Advertising for LATAM in Argentina, among others. He has a BA in Marketing and an MBA in Strategic Management, and he joined the sales team at Noodle with an aim to generate long lasting business relationships. His passions include competing in Ironman Triathlons, learning how to cook for his wife, and enjoying his new city, having moved to New York from his native Buenos Aires in 2013.
  • Michele Bianculli

    Michele Bianculli

    Operations and Account Manager
    Michele graduated from NYU with a BFA in Drama and spent years working with actors before joining Noodle. Captain of her volleyball and dodgeball teams and member of her co-op board, Michele loves organizing people and events. She also makes a mean sausage bread.
  • Julie Butensky

    Julie Butensky

    Business Development Manager
    Prior to Noodle, Julie worked in both private equity and asset management, with roles in investments and business development. Her passion for early stage companies and education reform led her to Noodle where she manages content partnerships. Julie graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • Jonathan Calazan

    Jonathan Calazan

    Software Developer
    Jonathan started out as a systems and network administrator before moving into software development. In his spare time, he likes to read, blog, and go hiking.
  • Rivkah Carl

    Rivkah Carl

    Data Analyst
    Rivkah found her dream job at Noodle, combining education with mathematical and data analysis. She currently manages and analyzes Noodle's Pre K-20 data. After receiving a BA in Economics and Math from Barnard College, Rivkah spent two years educating youth in the US and Germany. She then received a Masters in Applied Mathematics from CUNY. Rivkah's favorite vacations consist of one-day cultural trips through European capital cities. 
  • Suzi Cho

    Suzi Cho

    Client Services Manager
    Suzi strategically partners with clients to help them achieve their short- and long-term goals. Prior to joining Noodle as the Client Services Manager, she was a Research Associate and a Client Services Advisor at Eduventures. While completing her B.A. in economics and international studies at Boston College, Suzi interned at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and IDC consulting in Beijing, using her knowledge of Mandarin in market research.
  • Alister Doyle

    Alister Doyle

    Marketing Intern
    Originally from Ireland, Alister recently moved to New York having graduated with degrees in Finance and International Management. For his sins, he previously worked as a Financial Risk Analyst in a bank before moving into Digital Advertising, and now works as a Marketing Intern with Noodle. In his (increasingly limited) spare time, Alister enjoys reading, traveling and listening to music.
  • Dan Edmonds

    Dan Edmonds

    VP of Research and Development, Tutoring
    A tutor since 1995, Dan has worked with thousands of students and trained hundreds of new teachers and tutors. He's developed course materials for several major prep companies, and, to top it off, has achieved perfect scores on the GMAT, the GRE, and the LSAT.
  • Joe Favuzzi

    Joe Favuzzi

    Advertising Operations Manager
    Joe brings a unique skill set from the gaming industry where he managed day-to-day ad operations at Zynga. While completing his B.S. in Computer Science, he accidentally stumbled into the mobile ad industry and has been hooked ever since. Outside of work, you can find him impulsively buying games on Steam and traveling around New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • Jessica Finger

    Jessica Finger

    Inbound Marketing Coordinator
    Jessica is a graduate of Quinnipiac University, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Before joining Noodle, she worked as a reporter, and as lead designer and data analyst for CTMedian. She loves reading sci-fi books, listening to classic rock n' roll, and riding her bicycle. Follow her on Twitter: @jkfinger.
  • Michael Grossman

    Michael Grossman

    Regional Sales Manager
    Michael has an extensive background in sales, having worked at The New York Times as well as part of the launch team at AOL’s Patch.com. Michael is solution oriented who believes that the best relationships are lasting relationships. When he isn’t glued to the TV watching the Knicks, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and son, playing sports, traveling and trying new restaurants.
  • Jeff Herbst

    Jeff Herbst

    Jeff has a passion for building disruptive start-ups and connecting people with the world around them. He is currently spreading the word about Noodle Education, the first and only lifelong education search company. Prior to joining Noodle, he oversaw a world-class acquisition marketing team at 2U, Inc., where he drove student enrollments to 2U’s university partners. Over the course of his career, Jeff has also founded several internet start-ups in the social discovery and recruiting spaces. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys meeting and surrounding himself with people who don’t believe in settling. He thinks it is critical to follow one’s passions, pursue a fulfilling life, and above all, to be daring.
  • Adam Hogan

    Adam Hogan

    Data Scientist
    Originally from the Detroit area, Adam Hogan has been a data consultant bouncing between Chicago and Budapest, and previously worked in macroeconomic research at the Federal Reserve.  He mixes art and numbers to make statistics useful and as pretty as possible.  When he's not being a data lumberjack, he likes travel, learning languages, and will talk your ear off about cultivating the North American paw paw.
  • Catherine Holland

    Catherine Holland

    User Experience Champion
    Catherine has worked in formal and informal education settings throughout her professional life. She is fascinated by the education space and, having raised two children in NYC, has a long perspective on the range of learning needs. When she’s not doing research (or thinking about that research!) to keep improving Noodle’s search, she can be found reading about the Civil War, doing Tabata timing, and baking for family and friends.
  • Kim Hoyt

    Kim Hoyt

    Executive Director, Major Accounts
    Kim is based in Gulf Shores, Alabama and focuses on the Southeast region. She joined Noodle from 2U where she held multiple roles in senior management, most recently as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of @WashULaw (an online Master’s in Law program offered at Washington University in St. Louis). Before 2U, Kim spent 11 years at The Princeton Review.
  • Shan Huang

    Shan Huang

    Marketing Analyst
    Shan is a data-driven marketing professional with a Master of Science degree in Marketing in University of Rochester. Shan has great passion for digital marketing and marketing research. She is now part of this great team, working on things she loves.
  • Justin Intal

    Justin Intal

    Business Development Associate
    Prior to Noodle, Justin previously worked at Pearson Education and in business development roles for start-ups located in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 2013, majoring in Economics and Human Performance. Justin joined Noodle to marry his two passions of education and technology as a Business Development Associate. Outside the office, you can find Justin “yelping" his way around the city or making a recipe from Smitten Kitchen.
  • Kyle Jaster

    Kyle Jaster

    Chief Product Officer
    Kyle has a background that blends computer science and art, and has a passion for making things that "just work." After graduating with a BS in Computer Science, he spent four years as Production Director at Rayogram, where he led his team in developing innovative solutions to design problems and made significant contributions to open source software products. As Chief Product Officer, Kyle brings his unique perspective to all of Noodle's biggest challenges. In his spare time he climbs rocks and farms chickens.
  • Sasha Katsnelson

    Sasha Katsnelson

    Product Manager
    Sasha works on revenue products at Noodle. Previously, he helped publishers develop their sales strategies and product managed advertising technologies, as well as founded educational and consumer technology startups. Sasha arrived in New York as a student at Columbia University and has been living here ever since. In his free time he enjoys taking contrary positions and playing games on boards, mats, fields, and screens.
  • John Katzman

    John Katzman

    Founder & CEO
    John’s innovative ideas about education have led him to found three companies: The Princeton Review, 2U, and Noodle itself. Before serving as Executive Director, he founded and worked as the CEO of 2U, an edtech company that partners with prestigious universities to offer online degree programs. In 1981, John founded The Princeton Review and served as its CEO until 2007. He also serves on the Board of several for- and non-profit organizations, and is the author and co-author of five books and numerous articles.
  • Richard Katzman

    Richard Katzman

    Executive Director of Learning Content
    Richard’s first career was as Chairman & CEO of Kaz, a multinational consumer appliance company. Under his leadership the company grew from $4 million in annual sales to $500 million. He was also a Director at The Princeton Review from its inception until 2012. Having sold Kaz, he’s now excited to help build Noodle’s Learning Content area.
  • Jeehyun Kim

    Jeehyun "Inna" Kim

    Python Engineer
    Inna moved to New York after studying mathematics in southern California because, why not? She likes to work with data and write Python programs. When not nerding out, Inna wants to longboard again and enjoys taking long walks and playing piano.
  • Chris Lebron

    Chris Lebron

    Front End Developer
    Chris came to Noodle from a career as a freelance web developer, in which he was required to wear many hats. He is thrilled to now be a part of a dynamic team, wearing fewer hats, yet still nerding-out all day. When he's not writing code and making magic on the internet, he's enjoying the sights, sounds, and flavors of his hometown, New York City.
  • Ralph Lepore

    Ralph Lepore

    Lead Software Developer
    Ralph has a wide span of experience in his 10+ year development career. He started off as a Systems Administrator for a small startup after graduating with a degree in Computer Science. A few years later, he was writing real-time trading systems and moving into algorithmic trading on Wall Street. After the 2008 mortgage crisis, Ralph started working on building and scaling large web applications and never looked back. When Ralph isn't hacking on code (which is rare), you can usually find him with his two daughters (probably teaching them how to code) or hacking on his Arduino.
  • Caitlin Levys

    Caitlin Levys

    Marketing Coordinator
    After earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Elon University, Caitlin pursued investor relations for several years at a hedge fund. Prior to her time in finance, she did marketing for a French home decor company and developed their U.S. platform. Caitlin aims to make Noodle a household name! In addition to being an avid animal enthusiast, she loves staying active by trying new things and traveling the world!
  • Laura London

    Laura London

    Executive Director of Education
    Laura is focused on 'transformation' through technology and teaching. Before receiving an MPhil in Educational Research from Cambridge, she taught in SE Asia, managed alliances for Kaplan, and held various roles in Process Improvement and HR in both the education and e-commerce sectors. Her degrees include a Masters in Management and a BS in Industrial Relations from Cornell. Follow her on Twitter @lauralondonator .
  • Nicole Lopez

    Nicole Lopez

    Business Development Associate
    Nicole builds meaningful partnerships with education publishers to expand the Noodle publisher network. Since graduating from Dartmouth, she has worked in tech start-ups building enterprise sales and business development relationships in the U.S. and Latin America. She likes to spend her free time cooking, practicing yoga and dance, and enjoying art and film.
  • Brian Monetti

    Brian Monetti

    Product Manager
    Brian helps transform data and ideas into working products. You can find him climbing up the side of a mountain on most weekends.
  • Dana Montaruli

    Dana Montaruli

    Marketing Coordinator
    Before joining Noodle, Dana worked as the Marketing Specialist for OpenLink, a global software provider of trading and risk management solutions. A proud red fox, she graduated cum laude from Marist College and is currently enrolled in New York University obtaining her master’s degree. When her head isn’t buried in the computer or a textbook, Dana enjoys riding her beach cruiser, collecting Starbucks mugs, eating, and most importantly, spending time with her family and friends.
  • Joe Morgan

    Joe Morgan

    Entrepreneur in Residence
    Joe’s career has focused on translating insights about human behavior into innovative growth businesses. He brings 20+ years of executive management experience including: Founder and President of Colloquy, a new generation education-tech company; Setting the direction for Kaplan as head of strategy; President of one of the fastest growing companies in quick service retailing which owned Blimpie Subs & Salads; and a host of executive roles in multinational companies and turnarounds. Joe is a recovering lawyer, and even a current member of the Screen Actors Guild (a story in and of itself).
  • Aryeh Morris

    Aryeh Morris

    Business Analyst & Controller
    Aryeh works on everything from business analytics and partnerships to accounting. A veteran of both finance and operating environments, Aryeh's most satisfying pre-Noodle role involved 6 years at The Community Development Trust, a REIT, where he gained responsibility in business plan development, business analytics, and investor reporting. Aryeh is also a long-suffering Mets fan.
  • Sehreen NoorAli

    Sehreen NoorAli

    Director Partnerships
    Sehreen's mission in life is to get the right people to the table to make big things happen in education around the world. She spent 5 years as a strategist with the U.S. Department of State forging international relationships to build projects in enterprise, education, and science/technology. She's a proud Brown alumna and holds an Ed.M. from Harvard. She studied five languages but only really knows Pig Latin.
  • Marcy Petroccione

    Marcy Petroccione

    Web Developer
    Marcy has worked as a web developer since 2007, building web applications, maintaining databases, configuring servers, and of course, getting suckered into creating websites for friends and family. After starting out as a music major in college, she discovered a new outlet for her creativity in writing elegant and concise code. When not coding, Marcy devotes an unreasonable amount of time to food - cooking, eating, making cocktails and dining out.
  • Josue Pimentel

    Josue Pimentel

    Software Developer
    Josue started his career as a software developer in 2008 and since that he's been in love with the idea of writting good software. When he's not coding, Josue enjoys gaming and playing basketball.
  • Maria Popova

    Maria Popova

    Curious Mind at Large
    Maria Popova is the founder and editor of Brain Pickings , a library of cross-disciplinary interestingness. She has written for Wired UK, The Atlantic, Nieman Journalism Lab, The New York Times, Smithsonian Magazine, and Design Observer, among others, and is an MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow. She is on Twitter as @brainpicker.
  • Elizabeth Quinones

    Elizabeth Quiñones

    Content Manager
    With an eye for detail and a love of project management, Elizabeth strives to deliver the best education content available. She helped lead the editorial direction of a health website for four years while building and establishing strong relationships with writers and health experts. She believes that developing many forms of content to create an engaging experience for consumers is essential to creating a great web presence. Elizabeth enjoys sharing laughs with friends over good food and wine. She loves listening to metal, especially while baking and/or exercising, and when the weather is warm, she enjoys relaxing on the beach and playing golf.
  • Dennis Ritell

    Dennis Ritell

    Director Ad Operations
    Dennis began his career as project manager of platforms and custom advertising before eventually finding his home in ad operations at XO Group. In addition to restructuring the entire sales lifecycle, Dennis overhauled their ad stack to be best-in-class. Dennis is a BS and MBA graduate from Wagner College.
  • Isaac Sherrill

    Isaac Sherrill

    Technology Intern
    Ever since Isaac's artist mother asked him to build a website to showcase her work, he has been fascinated by the process of building software. The power of writing code and immediately seeing results on screen motivated him to get involved in other projects and eventually to study Computer Science at Northeastern University.
  • Martin Smith

    Martin Smith

    Chief Revenue Officer
    Martin Smith is an entrepreneur who advises a number of ventures that aim to enable broader consumer choice while leading to more sustainable industry practices. He is the founder of StartingBloc and Justmeans (sold to 3BLMedia), and serves on the advisory boards of Tiggly, Source4Style, 3BLMedia, the International Youth Foundation, and a number of other ventures. At the time, Smith was the youngest person in North America to be invested in by Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. He was miseducated on the concept of value at Chicago, and on the concept of wealth, at Harvard Business School.
  • Bobby Wallace

    Bobby Wallace

    VP of Engineering, Search
    Bobby Wallace likes to get things done. With a career that has included building the Transparensee search engine and leading engineering and product teams at #waywire, he has expertise in every aspect of building a great search experience. In his spare time Bobby is an aggressive cyclist and enthusiastic gardener.
  • Charles Wang

    Charles Wang

    Junior Data Scientist
    Charles graduated in June of 2011 from the University of Chicago with degrees in Political Science and Economics and worked with a D.C.-based consulting firm before joining Noodle as a data analyst intern. His hobbies include video games, martial arts and thinking about weird things.
  • Lea Yan

    Lea Yan

    Lea loves seeking for solutions to challenging problems, what she is happily doing at Noodle. She graduated from Stony Brook University with a master's degree of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. In her spare time, she likes traveling around.
  • Jillian Youngblood

    Jillian Youngblood

    Director of Community Relations
    Jillian previously worked on Capitol Hill and in the Bloomberg Administration, where she specialized in public health. She worked on the bill to provide health care to 9/11 first responders, and has a lot of reasons that you shouldn't drink soda. She decided to leave politics before becoming too cynical, and is now a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer who manages press and community for Noodle.
  • Anis Zaman

    Anis Zaman

    Software Developer
    Anis just graduated from Bard College with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science in May 2013. Before coming to Noodle he worked as a Software Developer Intern at KAYAK. Anis loves to work with people from various background and learn from others. On his free time Anis enjoys playing outdoor sports, traveling and meeting people.