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Noodle recognized as one of the top ten hottest startups to watch in NYC for 2013


Noodle recognized as one of the five tech companies set to impact higher education in 2013

Noodle mention in Mashable Noodle recognized as one of five startups transforming online education
Noodle in Forbes Noodle recognized as one of the 10 greatest industry disruptive startups of 2012
Noodle in EdSurge "At last week's prestigious SVForum's Lauch: Silicon Valley Edtech startup Noodle was chosen as one of six "most likely to succeed" companies."
Noodle mention in Tech Crunch "Education needs better search, and, coupling that with a dynamic recommendation engine makes Noodle an appealing destination."
Noodle mention in Edudemic ""Putting power in the hands of the students? Love it...I really wish Noodle existed when I was applying to colleges ."
Noodle in EdTech Digest "Noodle will empower the user as he or she is making important education decisions."
Noodle mention Education Industry Association "New company aspires to be the organizing principle for the vast and vital world of education."
Noodle mention Inside Higher Ed

"It’s more important than ever for students to unearth schools [...] that are truly right for them."

Awards and Nominations

SVForum: Launch 2012, Noodle Winner, Next Generation Internet

Winner SVForum: Launch 2012

Category: Next Generation Internet

EdTech Digest Awards, Noodle finalist

Finalist 2012 EdTech Digest Award

"Cool Tool: Best New Product or Service"

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