How To Handle Test Delays In The Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, among its many negative impacts all along the Eastern seaboard of the United States, resulted in the postponement of many of the November SAT dates in the Northeast. The tests were pushed back for most students in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to the weekend of November 17th.

If your test was pushed back, here are a few thoughts on what you should do between now and your new test date.

Where relevant, contact the schools you're applying to!

This is probably the single most important piece of advice for many test-takers.

If you've promised November scores to any of the schools you're applying to, make sure they're aware that you're in one of the areas with the postponed test, and let them know your new test date!

Continue preparing in the interim.

You want to make sure you keep whatever momentum you had going in your preparation for the test. If you were taking a class, the class might have already ended; this doesn't mean your preparation is over!

If you're taking the SAT, keep on top of your vocabulary and the formulas you're worried about forgetting. Continue to work on practice questions and, if at all possible, take a full length practice test the weekend of November 10th. If you properly prepared, you were ready for that November 3rd test. Now your challenge is to stay ready for the next two weeks, to keep yourself keyed up for a top performance.

If you were preparing for a Subject Test, make sure to study whatever facts, formulas, or vocabulary are relevant for that test. For the more content-heavy tests, you may have been cramming some of the minutiae into your head for the November 3rd test. Cramming puts information into your short term memory; just because it was there for November 3rd doesn't mean it will still be there for the 17!

Make sure you stay on top of the content between now and the next test.

Keep calm and carry on.

The tests you'll be given on November 17th or 18th will be different (in terms of the exact questions) from the tests on November 3rd, but they won't be any harder. And College Board will almost certainly bend over backwards to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible. No one wants to look bad when helping out people who've been impacted by a disaster like Sandy. So do your best to stay calm.

Everyone in the college admissions process will understand why your test was moved back, and everyone--College Board, the schools your applying to, whoever you're working with to prepare for the test--will do their best to accommodate this unexpected change in your testing schedule.

Just remember the three pieces of advice above, and all should be well for your post-Sandy experience. And if anyone reading this has questions or concerns between now and their November test date, leave a comment on this Noodling, and I'll be happy to help you out!

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