Test Not Required: 27 Schools You Can Get Into Without SAT/ACT Scores

It's mid-October and chances are you're either getting ready to take the SAT/ACT or have recently taken it.

Maybe you've been hunched over a study book for the past hour, getting increasingly anxious, biting your fingernails and sighing deeply at the thought that you will be absolutely finished if you don't get a great score. (That was me before the SAT and I went to one of the schools on this list.) On the other hand, maybe you're feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing because it's not like standardized tests really mean anything, right? (That was my best friend in high school and she went to a school that is definitely not on this list.) Hopefully you're somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, it's SAT/ACT season so we thought we'd scare up a list of schools that DON'T require these test scores for admission just to even things out.

Agnes Scott College

Albright College

American University

Bard College

Bates College

Bennington College

Bowdoin College

College of the Holy Cross

Connecticut College

Franklin and Marshall College

Furman University

Gustavus Adolphus College

Hampshire College

Lawrence University

Lewis & Clarke College

Mount Holyoke College

The New School


Pitzer College

Providence College

St. John's College

Sarah Lawrence College

Sewanee-University of the South

Smith College

Texas A&M University

University of Texas at Austin

Wake Forest University

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